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007 Steve Botham – “The importance on getting clarity for yourself and those that you are leading”



Steve Botham is Chair of the Chamberlain Forum a community development think tank that advises local and national government, he is a trustee of a national charity, Vice Chair of Governors at a secondary school in the top 1% for added value, and led Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEPs medium sized business task force.
Steve works with individual leaders. His Executive Coaching skills are highly valued – clients see substantial change and growth and value Steve’s insight.


Steve works with teams. He brings strong facilitation skills and expertise in leadership and change to team events, leadership programmes and workshops. He enables teams to problem solve, innovate and create new direction. He strengthens teams – making best use of individual and collective strengths, with a clear direction and a focus on high performance.


Steve works with organisations. He helps them review their strategic direction and potential for growth, benchmarking against world class standards. He enables organisations to transform and build high performance cultures


Steve is a specialist in: Executive coaching, change leadership, performance management, organisation effectiveness, high impact leadership development programmes, personality testing, recruitment and selection

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