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004 Gary Rucci – “How to make tough decisions about whether to stay where you are or to do something else”



Gary Rucci and his wife, Nikki relocated from Brisbane, Australia to work with the National Leadership team of the Assemblies of God Great Britain to assist them with strategy implementation and leadership development. He’s have been in full-time ministry for over 25 years and are both credentialed ministers. They have served in various capacities with significant senior leaders in some of Australia’s largest churches. They are passionate about community transformation, leadership development, discipleship, mission and mobilisation.


Gary was recently appointed a member of the national team by conference in May 2011. They are responsible for leading the AOG vision for the 151 churches currently located within the geographic area known as ‘London and East’. Gary was also recently appointed as Director of Mission for the denomination.


Gary is known for his passionate and articulate communication and has served on several elderships, boards and leadership teams developing strategies and systems to enhance the influence and growth of both local churches and mission organisations. For more than 10 years he was the Australian representative for Next Wave International a European-based mission led by fellow Australian, Mal Fletcher. He served as European representative for ACC and for many years as the Australian representative for Chinese City Gospel Mission with Brother Mak. Gary have ministered in more than 40 nations and led more than 500 people on short term missions teams.

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