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002 Les Isaac on his journey from ‘Rasta’ to ‘Pastor’ and then the leader of an international organisation called the St Pastors.


Les Isaac is currently the CEO of a Christian charity called Ascension Trust which he formed in 1993. His mission is to train and develop individuals to serve the local community, city, nation and nations of the world. His desire is to see Christians working more effectively in their society. Such is his determination and convictions for Christians to get involved and impact their communities and society at large that he co-launched an innovative project called the ‘Street Pastors Initiative’ which provides a late night outreach service in high crime areas to tackle the issue of guns, knives and violent crimes on the streets of Britain.


The Street Pastors initiative was launched in Lambeth in 2003 with 18 street Pastors, today there are 25 projects running within the 33 boroughs of London and over 100 projects in other major cities, towns and villages with one international project in Antigua & Barbuda and the work is continually developing with over 2000 Street Pastors!


Les has been a minister in Lambeth for over 30 years and he also serves as the Chair of the Convenor of Ecumenical Lambeth Borough Deans. He is also the Associate Senior Minister of Life Centre, a lively church in Lambeth and serves as an oversight Elder in CLF International

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